Recipe Testing

I need your help! In order to get my book ready for publication, I need a few dedicated volunteers to test my recipes. Here's what you can do to help:

1. Fill out the survey and indicate what type of recipe you'd like to test. Then hit the "submit" button.

2. Once I've received your information, I'll send you a recipe to try out on your own time and in your own kitchen.

3. You will have two weeks to make the recipe, following all the instructions as written.


4. Please take notes about preparing the recipe. Were the instructions easy to follow? Did the recipe come out as you'd expected? If not, why (i.e., was there an ingredient left out, were the quantities accurate)?

5, What suggestions, if any, do you have to improve the recipe, and why?

If you'd like to choose more than one category, go ahead. 

It's that simple! 



Chose a category:

Fill out this survey to help me test the recipes in The Lost Kitchen!

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